Day 10 28/7/2011 Oban – Lochranza

Dist: 103.6 km
Time: 5.09.35
Avg speed: 20 km/h
Max speed: 53.6
Total dist: 1088.5 km
Total time: 57 hrs

Route map

After all night’s rain it was nice to wake up to a clouded but dry morning. After a quick breakfast I was off at 8.15. I knew that I was for a hard day as most of the route was marked as scenic.

And there were couple of moments when I had to put all the effort to get up those hills.

One very long and steep was before Kilmartin. 6 or 7 km of really steep and constant up. Then I hit another one between Kennacraig and Claonaig. Just towards the end of the day.

The whole route today was just brilliant. Well balanced. Bigger hills at the beginning and then few km of flat before it turned hell just at the end.

Staying at Hotel Lochranza. Using the whole room to dry and clean my tent and all washed gear. Charging all devices.

On the sad note – just before boarding the ferry my Nokia fell down and has got broken screen. Will have to try to repair it back on mainland or cycle with the iGo on my HTC.


One thought on “Day 10 28/7/2011 Oban – Lochranza

  1. Hi Zig, have just caught up with your blog and I’d have to say rather you than me with all those hills and headwinds! Fabulous scenery, though. Will now check it out each morning while eating breakfast and sipping orange juice in my nice warm kitchen!
    Keep up the good work, you’re doing great so far.

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