Day 16 31/07/2012

Valros – Beziers – Nardonne – Carcassonne

Dist: 103.78 km
Time: 5.39.42
Avg speed: 18.3 km/h
Max speed: 40.2 km/h
Tot time: 91.38
Tot dist: 1686.4 km

Another very hot day on the road.

Started very early this morning. Was on the road by 7.50. It was already very hot. The temperature didn’t.drop much during the night. It was really warm in the tent.

First part to Beziers – a lot of uphill and slow rise. Then after the trip to Nardonne landscape changed again. I was I the vineyard valley.

As I was getting closer to Carcassonne ride became more and more difficult due to temperature. Had to stop quite a lot to cool down.

Got to the hotel, washed my stuff and was out to see the castle. It looks and smells exactly the same as 25 years ago. There is the same smell of urine. It brought back memories. 😀

Now to plan for tomorrow.


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