Day 18 02/08/2012

Toulouse (Aucamville) – Moissac – Agen – Prayssas

Dist: 122.19 km
Time: 6.31.43
Avg speed: 18.7 km/h
Max speed: 34.0 km/h
Tot time: 104.43
Tot dist: 1931.4 km

The day woke up at 7.15 and by 8.30 was out of camp.

Had breakfast by one if many canal features. Then it was just pure pedalling and enjoying the scenery.

Had a look at weather forecast last night and I knew there will be a head wind. 10 km/h but fairly constant. So today it was about beautiful scenery and taking my time as the road and the wind wouldn’t let me do anything else.

Few minutes after the breakfast which was on km 10, sun started coming through and I knew that it was a steady pace on the canal sheltered from the sun or slightly faster rise on the road in full sun. Went for the canal.

Stopped at km 40, in Montech. Had a large coffee, coke and the best ham sandwich ever!

Beautifully made – really nice French bread (kind of massive baguette), loads of nice butter, thick and many slices of ham, lettuce leaves and to enhance the flavour a few cornishons. Oh, it was heaven!

Then I went back to the canal route as sun was rather strong. Stopped a few times mostly to give my bottom a bit of rest and have a few sips of water.

At km 95 run out of energy so dug out a little saussison I had the reserve and slowly restored some energy.

A few km later found a restaurant open on the path, all day I was thinking, there are so many cyclists on the path and not even one drink sales point?

After a coke and nice ice-cream I was ready to follow, with my energy levels fully restored.

Got to Agen and the closest camping was another 10 km away. Slowly cycled my way to the camp. Had 2 pizzas and a very large beer. Now planning my route for tomorrow. Getting close to another seaside. 🙂


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