Day 7 24/07/2013

Bandon – Clonakilty – Skibbereen – Ballydehob – Bantry – Glengarriff

Dist: 105 km
Time: 6.20
Avg speed: 16.6 km/h
Max speed: 44.8 km/h
Tot time: 28.30
Tot dist: 498 km

Water started pouring down around 3am. I got up at 7 and it was raining. Finished full Irish breakfast. And it was raining. Got ready and it was raining. Started riding and it was raining. It stopped for a bit around 11.

I think the rain has dampened or dumpened my spirit this morning. I couldn’t find anything inspiring or interesting on my way. I was going very slowly, rain was getting everywhere, it was uphill most of the time AD well.

I passed through Clonakilty still uninspired. Rain was coming down and the town didn’t look too sunny.

Somewhere between Clonakilty and Ross Carbery rain stopped for a few minutes. It started raining again just before Ross Carbery.

Suddenly at passing through this little town I felt the spirit being uplifted. Beautiful place with fantastic views. From then on I was for a treat. It wasn’t easy but landscapes started changing morphing from coastal to jungle to high mountain. It took me much longer to get through the day as I was trying to take some pics in pouring rain or at least stop for few seconds to get the view for my enjoyment.

At the start of the day I saw roadsign that was indicating I had about 90 km on the route I was taking to Bantry. And at some point I was so tired I though it would be difficult to get even there.

At passing through Skibbereen I felt a bit stronger but still thinking of end to the day in Bantry.

Then I got to Ballydehob. The view was fantastic and even the rain and the wind wouldn’t get to me.

As I turned North there was a roadsign saying Bantry 17 and Glengarriff 35. I thought – oh there is an option here.

As I turned right I hit a massive hill. Steep and going for about 4 km. It was hard work but I got there. Then, after admiring the view I went down to Bantry. Very nice place but I just wasn’t into the posh set up for tourists.

Without thinking I took off and did extra 17 km. Was I for a surprise! What a beauty was developing in front of my eyes. Going around the Bantry Bay was just one surprise after another.

Stopped at B&B in Glengarriff. Loads of people walking here. Few cyclists but mainly looks like a centre for backpackers. Nice atmosphere.

Massive plate of pork chops in front of me. I just can’trefuse this call.


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