Day 10 27/07/2013

Gort – Galway – Oughterard – Maam Cross – Leenane – Westport

Dist: 138 km
Time: 6.50
Avg speed: 20 km/h
Max speed: 48.8 km/h
Tot time: 47.56
Tot dist: 859 km

Start to the day rather slow. Woke up at 7.30 and then prepared things for the road. After breakfast I was off at 9.00. The route today was relatively flat – totally unexpected. I was getting into some high hills but the road went in between these picks. Really great. The only problem was the surface of the road. Really bad for moments.

All the way fantastic views – breathtaking. Few uphills but nothing really major.

There was a great moment though. Suddenly – out of nowhere the road was smooth and some really nicely profiled curves. About 1.5 km of sensational cycling. It was just before An Mam Maum.

I got to Leenane – had 100 km done. It was 3pm and I wanted a bit more of cycling. The only option I saw was going to Westport.

Additional 30 km or so.

As I was cycling there were loads and loads of cars overtaking me. Caravans – as well. I felt like cycling in the south if France.

Well it turned out that all of these cars, caravans, buses, vans etc. were coming to Westport.

Tomorrow is the biggest annual event. Climbing of the Croagh Patrick.

No rooms in the whole of the town. In one of the hotels the guy told me that if I would get the room I would probably pay 150 – 200 euros. It is the most expensive night to come to Westport.

I was thinking on the road today that I’m carrying 2.5 kg of camping stuff that I am probably not going to use.

Well, I am sitting in café on the campsite. Had to pitch the tent with a bit of shower but … never go for a cycling trip without a tent.

I set up the rent in between all ambulance services. The guys told me that there will be at least 30.000 people going up the mountain. Maybe even 100.000. Some people going barefoot.

So well invested money in the tent.


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