Day 17

​Avallon – Auxerre – Joigny

Dist 106.41

Time 5.22.51

Max 47.8

Avg 19.2

Alt 338

Odo 1203

Trt 73.05

Tot alt 8803

First went out to see the close places to the camp.  Amazing.  

Before had my breakfast and a coffee.  Had to wait for the tent to dry.  Huge condensation.  Slow morning so set off about 10.45. 

Came back to the camp and then followed through with the trip.  The first part to Auxerre didn’t disappoint.  First some hills and then really good trip along the canal nearly to Auxerre. I thought that the Bourgogne canal would have been used as much as this one.  Canal Nivernais.  Loads of riverboat traffic.  Few snack places along the canal.  I had a burger.  Really nice home made.  

Auxerre really is all about football.  Great infrastructure,  new buildings. Old town itself quite abandoned. After a visit to the old part I decided to follow through to Joigny.  Google Maps was showing an alternative route along the main one.  There was none.  So the first few km were a bit hairy but then it got more like a usual traffic. 

Joigny again very nice town placed on the river Yonne.  Enjoyed cycling along this one today before Auxerre.  

Camping OK.  French mainly.  Few cyclists arrived just after 9 pm.  French as well. Loads of mosquitoes.  


Day 16

​Dijon, Sombernon,  Vitteaux , Pont d’Aisy,  Thostes,  Époisses,  Cussy Les Forges, Avallon 

Dist 110.11

TiMe 5.53.08

Max 56.1

Avg 18.6

Alt 916

Odo 1096

Trt 67.33

Tot alt 8458

Woke up this morning to the rhythm of the breakfast being prepared next door at 6.15 am.  Looked out of the tent and the sky was blue.  Beautiful morning.  10 minutes later there was a massive thunderstorm.  It lasted about an hour.  Very heavy. Loads of lightnings and thunders very close to the camp.  Then it started stopping just slowly and by 9 I was thinking breakfast or packing up.  By the time I made my mind up it started raining again.  Gathered all my stuff into panniers inside the tent and when the rain stopped again I got going and was out of the camp at 10.15.

Checked Google Maps yesterday and it told me that the route was mostly flat.  Thanks god I got a proper map and knew it was going to be a tough day in the saddle.  

Beautiful route along the lake Kir in Dijon and then through a 10 km uphill to Sombernon. It was very long hill and tarmac very slow.  

Trip from Sombernon to Vitteaux went quickly.  Loads of hills, sharp Some Of them but in between nice bits of straight road.  

Loads of main roads are now rather empty as the main traffic moved to motorways. I could see towns and villages rather empty as the traffic is  going somewhere else.  

On the D70 there was a cycle path all the way.  Unfortunately one of the bridges was closed so I had to go up to Episodes to enter Avallon.  The last bit of the trip took me to the Morvan – Natural Parc.  The camp is in the most picturesque place. Call it a creek or a canyon.  The only people on the camp are Dutch. 
It was pizza for supper.  
Tent was drying nicely so at 7 it was set and ready to be slept in again.  

Day 15

​Saint Jean de Lose – Dijon

Along the canal de Bourgogne 

Dist 40.42

Time 2.22

Avg 17.1

Alt 74

Odo 986

Trt 61.40

Tot alt 7542

Path along the canal mostly dirt,  dust and some coarse stones for about 20 or so km.  Exciting as different and bike did really well.  Last 8km and then through Dijon finally there was a proper cycling path.  Got to the camp before 11 stopping for breakfast and coffee on one of the benches by the canal.  Before 1 I was out of the camp and going to visit Dijon.  Loads of galleries and museums opened for free for tourists.  Went to a musee des beaux art – medieval art, Palais de etats – photography Jonas Jacquel,  we consortium Wade Guyton and Laure Prouvost,  musee archeologique.  
Culturally nurtured went for a lunch in Darcy gardens (Loads of people playing Pokemon Go) and then to Notre Dame and finally intermarche. 
Camp and cooked supper.  All ready for tomorrow. 

Day 14

​Clairvaux,  lons le saunier,  Montmorot, Bletterans,  Relans,  Chaumergy,  la Chassagne, Chaussin,  Saint Jean de Losne 

Dist 94.38
Time 4.46.29

Max 46.9

Avg 19.7

Alt 324

Odo 946

TrT 59.18

Tot alt 7468 

Just a few uphills today.  Set of at 10.15 from the camp after breakfast and packing. 4 nights in the same place was far too long.  Itchy feet – Must be a soul of the traveler.  
Correction – the squirrel’s tail was actually black.  Saw a few samples today.  Another interesting : marten and water vole.  
Coming down from mountains was very quick.  A steep descent 15% + to Lons le Saunier and that was it. Then the route went through a wetland section.  All the water coming from hills.  Then it was a rolling hills and a fairly straight road all the way to the camp.  30 km or so for Dijon.  
I will surprise myself tomorrow with the route and next stop.  
After a few day of living in the weather I realised that there was no wind.  Had some stronger blasts on the road.  Some like when you open the oven and the whole hit air hits you.  That was the sensation.  In the campsite again totally still. Nothing. Temperature dropping very slowly. It is 8 pm and still 27C.  
Camp on the edge of the river Saône. Even the river is lazy flowing very slowly.  A few boats mooring as well. Apparently the town was famous for river boats coming here. A very picturesque place.

Day 13

​Clairvaux,  Soyria Baresia-sur-l’Ain, Thoiria,      Coyron, La Tour-du-Meix,  Onoz,  Vernon,  dam lac le Vouglans,  back same route Saint Christophe,  larigillay,  pont de poitte, Clairvaux 
Dist 74.69

Time 4.23

Max 49.7

Avg 17.1

Odo 852

Trt 54.32

Alt 847

Tot alt 7144
Last day cycling around this beautiful area of France.  Decided to visit the dam on the huge lake Vouglans. Third in size of the retention lakes in France.  The whole scenery was just wonderful all day long.  And although I had to go up and down quite a lot thoroughly enjoyable.

I realised that squirrels in this part of France are not really red.  I haven’t seen one jumping in the woods yet but witnessed a fresh road kill.

The hair towards the root is red but it goes black towards the ends.  Which makes it  a red black squirrel with beautiful white belly…  And a bushy tail. Red black as well. 

Forgot to mention. Had a family of beautiful 3 ospreys hunting.  Great view 

Day 12

​Routes A and 12. Plus 4 runs between Collondon and Charcier 
Dist 89.60

Time 5.23.28

Max 47.2

Avg 16.5

Alt 914

Odo 777

Trt 50.09

Tot alt 6297
After last evening’s disaster this morning it was only the baguette and some saucisson and double melted cheese; nothing else was saved from the boiling temperature in the porch of the tent.  So coffee and a great sandwich.  Packed all my liquids under a bush and set off for the trip just before 10am.  It was hot, very hot already.  
Fortunately most of the route had some good bits of shade to have a rest or lunch.  
Although both routes are marked as easy there was fair bit of uphill today.  In fact my bike computer showed 100 more mtrs today than yesterday.  Both routes A – Riviere d’Ain and 12 – tour des lacs are great cycling places offering passes through woodlands,  lakes,  beautiful river and waterfalls.  
Cascades du Herisson – I decided to have a look in the morning when I was preparing today’s route.  Got there and wow…  I guess due to hot weather and no downpour in the area, rather than a water I saw a trickle.  I think in a different time of the year it can be very exciting.  
On the way back checked the temperature.  39C.  Just now 7.15 pm it was still 38C.  Really warm and cozy.  Now – 7.45 pm in the shade it is 27C. 
Tomorrow will try to get close to the massive lake nearby. 

Day 11

​Cycling routes 13 and 14. Forest part of Jura Park. 
Dist 60.16

Rtime 3.56.02

Max 43.0

Avg 15.2

All 832

Odo 687

Trt 44.46

Tot alt 5383
According to the description of the route on maps total elevation gained was 951 mtrs.  So 100+ mtrs difference between the two.  The little barometer on the cycle computer isn’t too bad. 
The first route was the 13 and it starts slowly and nicely for about 3 km.  Then the ascent starts.  10 km of constant uphill to reach Col de la Joux. Going up to 1035 mtrs. The route goes through beautiful pine woodlands.  It was very hot today so the smell of the pine tree was very present.  Such special feel.  On the way down I met the turn to route 14. I had a look at the map and it was marked as easy So I decided to go through this as well.  Beautiful landscapes all the way.  Reminded me of the polish Bieszczady.  
Loads of cows with bells.  Then back to the route 13 and finished at the camp.  
Not having to carry my panniers made a huge difference, although the heat was a very important factor today. 
Went to the shop to get something to eat.  Bike’s computer showed 35C.