Day 11 31/08/17

St-Honore-les-Bains, Luzy, Mont Beuvrey, Moulins-Engilbert, St-Leger-St-Honore-les-Bains

Trip dist: 88.29 km
Total dist: 709 km
Ride time: 5 18.57
Tot ride time: 48.38
Avg speed: 16.60 km/h
Max speed: 42.70 km/h
Avg cadence: 73
Max cadence: 103
Avg power: 119 W
Alt Asc: 1168 m
Tot alt asc: 9481 m
Dist Asc: 33.98 km
Tot dist asc: 242 km
Down: 1167m
Dist down: 33.73 km
Tot alt down: 9407 m
Tot dist down: 255 km
Avg HR: 124
Max HR: 148
Calories: 4188 kcal
Total calories: 41034 kcal

And it rained all night. The temperature dropped 20°C overnight.

Good thing I tested the tent on several occasions and it survived really well. It was still raining at 8. It stopped just before 9. Got the baguette, prepared nice breakfast and sandwich for later.

All was very slow and cold. Got the food and after the shower set off for the road. It was just before 11. Long morning.

First part of the day to Luzy – beautiful views all the way. A bit tricky with quite a few tracks on the road. Popped in to see the place. Nice little village like most of places around here. From Luzy decided to visit Astérix and Obélix. A place called Bibracte

Museum was very interesting and the whole place was showing traces of people who lived there more than 2000 years ago. Interesting is that I was thinking of places around Morvan. Current. How many of the little villages are in such a clear decline. Maybe it is the passing of history and changes in socio-economic environments that dictate what is alive and what dies.

After the visit to my childhood heroes came all the way down to Moulins-Engilbert. Kind of little Venice. Town with loads of canals and one that one could say in in decline.

Got more provisions in the shop and cycled back to the campsite.

As on the road was quite cold at moments I had a long warm shower. Then cooked my supper. The sun came out as I was cycling to Luzy. For a moment, but then when I came back to the campsite the nice surprise was that all my washing from last night was dry.



Day 10 30/08/17

Ouroux-en-Morvan, Chaumard, Château-Chinon, St-Leger-de-Fougeret, Onlay, St-Honore-les-Bains

Trip dist: 52.11 km
Total dist: 621 km
Ride time: 3.33.15
Tot ride time: 43.19
Avg speed: 14.66 km/h
Max speed: 41.53 km/h
Avg cadence: 64
Max cadence: 95
Avg power: 108 W
Alt Asc: 699 m
Tot alt asc: 8312 m
Dist Asc: 16.99 km
Tot dist asc: 208 km
Down: 1009 m
Dist down: 26.8 km
Tot alt down: 8339 m
Tot dist down: 222 km
Avg HR: 122
Max HR: 145
Calories: 2686 kcal
Total calories: 36845 kcal

As there was a rain forecast for afternoon today I tried to leave the camp early in the morning in order to set up before the rain in St-Honore-les-Bains.

Rain started of course as I started packing in the morning. So had to wait a bit for the drizzle to stop. Even though the rain came I was out of the camp by 9.30.

First part of the road to Chaumard and Corancy was very quick and easy. From Corancy to Château-Chinon was rather steep uphill.

After Château-Chinon went through some lovely valley. Couple of tougher uphills but I was on the campsite just after 13.00.

Got a nice pitch.

Quite like this business of going around knowing that there will be a space on the camp. It is a huge place here but only a few pitches occupied.

Even though I was slower than usual with tent set up I managed to get all ready just before the rain came down. As I was leaving for the shower the sky opened.

Now 16.30 looks like I might be able to make it to the shop without getting completely wet.

Day 9 29/08/17

Ouroux-en-Morvan, Planchez, Anost,Le Pommoy, Gorges de la Canche, Glux-en-Glenne, Arleuf, Les Gardenias, Arleuf, Athez, Anost, Planchez, Ouroux-en-Morvan

Trip dist: 102.61 km

Total dist: 569 km

Ride time: 7.08.13

Tot ride time: 39.46

Avg speed: 14.37 km/h

Max speed: 48.97 km/h

Avg cadence: 65

Max cadence: 98

Avg power: 105 W

Alt Asc: 1720 m

Tot alt asc: 7613 m

Dist Asc: 40.85 km

Tot dist asc: 191 km

Down: 1725 m

Dist down: 40.38 km

Tot alt down: 7330 m

Tot dist down: 195 km

Avg HR: 133

Max HR: 157

Calories: 6679 kcal

Total calories: 34158 kcal

Hot, very hot, again.

Planned yesterday for a slightly more challenging tour for today.

Woke up at 7am. Got up 7.30. Had the breakfast. Nice eggs again. And was ready to roll at 9 am. Started – went 2.5km up and realised I forgot the mobile on the camp when I wanted to take a photo.

As it was going to be more challenging tour I thought it would be a good idea to have it on me. Help with navigation and obviously photos. Started doing some video as well so dropped down to the campsite picked it up and was going again at 9.30.

First part of the trip through Planchez to Anost was very enjoyable. Half way between Planchez and Anost there was a downhill marked 10% officially. I was happy it was on the way down for me.

Beautiful village Anost. Could have stayed there on the camp it was placed in a very beautiful spot.

After Anost decided to take a tour through the Gorges de la Canche and Le Haut Folin. Gorges were pretty by a very small dam. Then it was up and up first 2-3% then coming to 10-11 towards the end of the mount.

After getting nearly to the top before turning back to camp I got a bit ambitious and decided to go to the top. It was great. Some beautiful views from the top of the mount.

As a consequence of the decision I was going to have a longer trip than expected. As I was getting out of water and energy, so decided to take a detour to Glux-en-Glenne. Had a coffee and a Coca-Cola and replenishment of water. To my surprise I found, not discovered, on the foot of Mont Preneley just a few km from Glux the source of the river l’Yonne that has been present throughout this trip.

Trip to Arleuf was rather nice but I started feeling a bit tired with nearly 70 km in my legs. Started going from Arleuf on the D500 but after couple of km decided that it will be too much for me today. Met a lady picking up blackberries. She helped me with the decision. Went back to Arleuf – challenging 10% uphill on the way back.

Then it was damage limitation. As I changed the route I realised I will have to go up the hill marked officially 10% from Anost to Planchez. I wasn’t looking forward to it. But slowly, slowly, slowly I was getting up and up. Before I knew it and my legs gave up I was passing the 10% sign again.

Challenging 5km uphill but somehow got there.

Once up it was a known road. Not that it was not challenging just not as steep. Got back to Ouroux-en-Morvan just before 19.00. Got some nice fruit and vegetables for later and the morning.

All washed and showered, sipping Grimbergen. Getting back human again.

What a great day in the saddle. Challenging, exhausting, absolutely cracking and amazing at the same time.

Higher up there were pine forests. It was hot and the sticky, amazing smell of the pine was there for most of the day.

Loved it.

Day 8 28/08/17

Ouroux-en-Morvan, Montsauche, Gouloux, Saut de Gouloux, Saint-Brisson, Roche, Moux-en-Morvan, Les Settons, Montsauche, Ouroux-en-Morvan

Trip dist: 66.68 km

Total dist: 466 km

Ride time: 4.31.44

Tot ride time: 32.38

Avg speed: 14.72 km/h

Max speed: 42.51 km/h

Avg cadence: 66

Max cadence: 94

Avg power: 110 W

Alt Asc: 955 m

Tot alt asc: 5893 m

Dist Asc: 25.36 km

Tot dist asc: 150 km

Down: 952 m

Dist down: 27.16 km

Tot alt down: 5604 m

Tot dist down: 155 km

Avg HR: 132

Max HR: 158

Calories: 4211 kcal

Total calories: 27478 kcal

Hot, very hot.

Beautiful day in the sun. It was a bit too hot but entirely enjoyable. I don’t know how it happens or why? Normally here or in UK or Poland I’m just feeling permanently hot. The moment I get on the bike – it is as something gets transformed in my body and mind and I can go through the blistering sunny road just keep me watered.

Woke up at 6.30 this morning just to see the most pink sunrise. Don’t get to see sunrises very often so my trips are a great experience. Went back to sleep though and got up around 8.30.

Quick trip to the shop. Got some fruit and eggs and tomatoes. Plenty of sparkling water.

Back to the campsite and breakfast was ready in no time. Had a nice coffee and set off for the trip at around 10.30. Planned for about 67km. So no huge rush.

The temperature was raising constantly.

Got to the jump/waterfall Gouloux – nice place – smallish the jump but thoroughly enjoyed the sounds around the place. There was a restaurant-cafe place there. Two women behind the bar. Sending everyone away as they don’t sell coffee without the lunch. Weird.

Then got to the park in St-Brisson. There were a few deer smelling very deery. Had a quick browse through the park and around the big house. The café-bar closed as well.

Then had a good ride through lovely valley to Moux and from there to lake Les Settons.

Wanted to stay around the lake for a bit but it was mosquito infested and I didn’t have my repellent. So took few pictures and run away.

the way back in Montsauche there was 36°C in the shade. So easily 40+ on the road in the sun.

Back in Ouroux-en-Morvan bought some more fruit as all was delightful in the morning.

Now all washed and showered going to have something to eat.

Day 7 27/08/17

Camping du Lac, Chaumard, Planchez, Ouroux-en-Morvan Camping Les Genets du Morvan

Trip dist: 36.35 km

Total dist: 399 km

Ride time: 3.21.29

Tot ride time: 28.06

Avg speed: 10.82 km/h

Max speed: 44.86 km/h

Avg cadence: 52

Max cadence: 92

Avg power: 87 W

Alt Asc: 687 m

Tot alt asc: 4937 m

Dist Asc: 14.9 km

Tot dist asc: 124 km

Down: 470 m

Dist down: 12.30 km

Tot alt down: 4651m

Tot dist down: 127 km

Avg HR: 128

Max HR: 150

Calories: 2704 kcal

Total calories: 23267 kcal

Yesterday after the long deliberations and planning I decided to move to a different campsite. Lady in Chateau-Chinon told me that there was a camping in Planchez.

After a breakfast – scrambled eggs with mushrooms and generous portion of salad I managed to get out of the camp.

First part of the route took me along the lake I was staying by. The dam holding the water was huge. I cycled all the way from the bottom of the dam to the top and ten along the lake.

After Chaumard it was time to leave the lake and go up to Planchez. Consistent and constant uphill of 5-6% all the way. Beautiful route and somehow not very exhausting.

At the beginning of the ascent I was going along the stream but then the stream was much lower. It caught up with me later. So I had the sound of water and bird songs for company.

In Planchez I went to the campsite and I just didn’t like the look of it. So after another discussion with myself I suggested that on the route there were a few signs for Ouroux-en-Morvan and all the special things they have got.

Quick turn around and I was on the road again. After going up to Planchez I thought it will be downhill all the way. But no. I was going up and up and up. I didn’t mind. It was only a short trip today.

Got to Ouroux-en-Morvan and the camping about 14.30. Set up the tent had a shower. Got water and electricity on my pitch. Actually there is electricity and water on all the pitches in the camp.

There is a restaurant as well and I think I should try some local cousin.

Excellent day.

Day 6 26/08/17

Camping du Lac, Montreuillon, Epiry, La Collancelle, Etang de Vaux, Canal Alnain, Chavance, Achun, Auney-en-Bazois, Blismes, Camping du Lac

Trip dist: 65.26 km

Total dist: 363 km

Ride time: 4.01.57

Tot ride time: 24.45

Avg speed: 16.18 km/h

Max speed: 50.74 km/h

Avg cadence: 66

Max cadence: 99

Avg power: 120 W

Alt Asc: 665 m

Tot alt asc: 4250 m

Dist Asc: 16.78 km

Tot dist asc: 109 km

Down: 666 m

Dist down: 18.61 km

Tot alt down: 4181 m

Tot dist down: 115 km

Avg HR: 134

Max HR: 158

Calories: 3844 kcal

Total calories: 20562 kcal

Slower start to the day. Had a melon for breakfast and then pain au chocolat with some coffee. Decided to go around the lakes and canal. Some good cycling, beautiful places, views. Took some fruit with me for the day. And a bag of Haribos.

On the way to lakes along the river Yonne temperature was kind and there was a breeze. Cool. Then the temperature went up and up.

I think it got to 33°C on the route. Along the lakes and the canal it was rather hot.

Then had to cycle back to the campsite. Mostly uphill. With the sun on my back I had to stop often to cool down in the shade of a tree. I think I sunburned the back of my head. Put sunblock on the neck but not on the hair.

Totally enjoyable experience. Don’t feel like cooking today so it will be salad tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, olives and some saucisson. Changing campsite tomorrow.

Day 5 25/08/17

Camping du Lac, Château-Chinon, Camping du Lac

Trip dist: 29.32 km

Total dist: 297 km

Ride time: 2.19.59

Tot ride time: 20.43

Avg speed: 12.56 km/h

Max speed: 46.43 km/h

Avg cadence: 59

Max cadence: 88

Avg power: 99 W

Alt Asc: 460 m

Tot alt asc: 3585 m

Dist Asc: 11.32 km

Tot dist asc: 93 km

Down: 460 m

Dist down: 12.73 km

Tot alt down: 3515 m

Tot dist down: 96 km

Avg HR: 124

Max HR: 146

Calories: 1855 kcal

Total calories: 16717 kcal

Talking about camels, yesterday I managed to drink 10 litres of water on the road.

After yesterday’s heroics today much appreciated slower day. 8am was up. Van came to the campsite at 9.20. Had a baguette with some ham and a coffee. Did the washing and attended to the bike. Cleaned and lubricated cables. Gears weren’t working well yesterday. All this was finished by 12.30 so I set off to Château-Chinon. About 14km from the camp.

Most of the way to the town was up. Which was great considering that I was going to get some shopping done. It was a nice little town. Spent some time wandering around and then went for a coffee. Got some shopping done and slowly went back home.

Had loads of salad and chicken breast with shallots and mushrooms. Washed all of the gear. Staying here for another day. Enquired about camping places around in tourist office. Now cheeky little beer 🍺.