Day 2 22/08/2017

Trip dist: 27.04 km

Total dist: 71 km

Ride time: 2.18.51

Tot ride time: 5.11.00

Avg speed: 11.68 km/h

Max speed: 34.28 km/h

Avg cadence: 60

Max cadence: 90

Avg power: 91 W

Alt Asc: 195m

Tot alt asc: 275m

Dist Asc: 6.21 km

Tot dist asc: 8 km

Tot alt down: 319m

Tot dist down: 10 km

Early start to the day. Was up and running at 7. Quick shower and trip to Calais-Frethun. Massive fog. The condensation just settled on me. Visibility maybe 100m. Train to Paris-Nord. Then across to Paris-Bercy.

Sun came out 20 minutes before arrival to Paris. It was lovely there. 24°C. Cycled through Place de la République, Place de la Bastille, Viaduc d’Austerlitz. Took the wrong turn only once. Got to Bercy in a good time. Spot of breakfast. Now on the train to Avallon. Skies are blue.

Auxerre – and the temperature is 27°C.

Avallon – 20 past 7 27.8°C. Great weather. Sun setting down slowly. Had the lunch/supper in the campsite. Tried my new Primus cooker. Excellent job. Will see tomorrow morning how long it will take to boil the water for the coffee.

Same as last year. Loads of Dutch people in the campsite. Not many other. Tomorrow exploring Morvan Natural Park.


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