Day 8 28/08/17

Ouroux-en-Morvan, Montsauche, Gouloux, Saut de Gouloux, Saint-Brisson, Roche, Moux-en-Morvan, Les Settons, Montsauche, Ouroux-en-Morvan

Trip dist: 66.68 km

Total dist: 466 km

Ride time: 4.31.44

Tot ride time: 32.38

Avg speed: 14.72 km/h

Max speed: 42.51 km/h

Avg cadence: 66

Max cadence: 94

Avg power: 110 W

Alt Asc: 955 m

Tot alt asc: 5893 m

Dist Asc: 25.36 km

Tot dist asc: 150 km

Down: 952 m

Dist down: 27.16 km

Tot alt down: 5604 m

Tot dist down: 155 km

Avg HR: 132

Max HR: 158

Calories: 4211 kcal

Total calories: 27478 kcal

Hot, very hot.

Beautiful day in the sun. It was a bit too hot but entirely enjoyable. I don’t know how it happens or why? Normally here or in UK or Poland I’m just feeling permanently hot. The moment I get on the bike – it is as something gets transformed in my body and mind and I can go through the blistering sunny road just keep me watered.

Woke up at 6.30 this morning just to see the most pink sunrise. Don’t get to see sunrises very often so my trips are a great experience. Went back to sleep though and got up around 8.30.

Quick trip to the shop. Got some fruit and eggs and tomatoes. Plenty of sparkling water.

Back to the campsite and breakfast was ready in no time. Had a nice coffee and set off for the trip at around 10.30. Planned for about 67km. So no huge rush.

The temperature was raising constantly.

Got to the jump/waterfall Gouloux – nice place – smallish the jump but thoroughly enjoyed the sounds around the place. There was a restaurant-cafe place there. Two women behind the bar. Sending everyone away as they don’t sell coffee without the lunch. Weird.

Then got to the park in St-Brisson. There were a few deer smelling very deery. Had a quick browse through the park and around the big house. The café-bar closed as well.

Then had a good ride through lovely valley to Moux and from there to lake Les Settons.

Wanted to stay around the lake for a bit but it was mosquito infested and I didn’t have my repellent. So took few pictures and run away.

the way back in Montsauche there was 36°C in the shade. So easily 40+ on the road in the sun.

Back in Ouroux-en-Morvan bought some more fruit as all was delightful in the morning.

Now all washed and showered going to have something to eat.


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